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Autonomous Function * Light Following * Object Avoidance

This has to be one of the ‘coolest’ looking kits in the Arduino market. Custom designed aluminum chassis with a nice protective black coat that prevents the surface from scratching and oxidizing. The strategically placed holes on the chassis allows you to easily attach more sensors or other devices to the frame for more functions.

Kit comes with everything you need to make your own autonomously operating robot. Not only that, it is smart enough to ‘chase’ after the brightest light in the room. With this function, you can use a flash light as your remote! If you prefer using an IR remote, that works too.

We have included lessons that teaches you how to use two IR Detectors to give the robot object avoidance ability.

The booklet that comes with this kit is close to 100 pages thick! Lots of great info, lessons, and codes.

We hope you enjoy this first kit in a series of three that we plan on developing!  



Uno R3 x 1
L298N Motor Driver x 1
IR Follower x 1
IR Receiver x 1
IR Detector x 2
Top Chassis Frame x 1
Bottom Chassis Frame x 1
Ball Caster Wheel Set
Motor Mount Set x 2
Motor Assembly Set x 2
Standoffs 3 cm x 8 / Standoffs 1cm x 13
Wheel x 2
Screw B 6 mm x 20 (main board screws)
Battery Holder Screw Set
Nuts x 14 (for motor & battery holder)
Jumper wire 16 cm x 2 (for motor driver to a Uno ISP)
Mini USB Cable x 1
F/F Jumper 10cm x 6 (for IR Detector/Receiver)
Screw Cap x 2 Wire x 1
M/F Ribbon Jumper Wires 10cm x 20
Remote Control x 1
ON/OFF Switch x 1 with screw
Screw A 6 mm x 20 (for chassis frame)
Plastic Washer x 4 (between UNO & standoffs)



   Understanding the H Bridge
   Understanding PWM
   Understanding the Motor Driver
   Motor Driver
   Random Turns
   Understanding infrared
   Understanding the IR follower
   Serial Follower
   Understanding the IR Remote
   Serial Remote
   Remote LED Toggle
   Remote LED Repeat
 Putting it all together  
   Robot Follower
   Robot Remote
   Robot Complete


Stock Code Product Name
ROB-01 OSEPP 101 Robotic Basics


Learning Center:


Once you have downloaded the project codes for the kit, the BONUS code is the Robot_autonavigation. Not only will your robot run autonomously and avoiding objects, it will also chase after the brightest light. All you have to do is click on the PLAY button on the remote. One thing you do have to adjust is the wiring on the IR Follower. At present, all wires are plugged into the Digital pins. For the Bonus Code to work, you need to MOVE all the jumpers from the Digital pins to the Analog pins on the IR Follower. Once that is done, you are ready to go. Enjoy!

Robot_autonavigation extra REMOTE FUNCTIONS

1. button PREV - IR Avoidance

2. botton NEXT - IR Follower

3. botton PLAY - both IR Avoidance and IR Follower