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The Robotics Functional Kit adds smarts and control to your Mechanical Kits! This kit includes an OSEPP UNO R3 PLUS micro controller board, a high voltage TB6612 Motor Shield and sensors that gives users the most commonly requested robotic functions. All of the assembly instructions and code are open source and downloadable below.

  • Bluetooth (HC-06) Module – This module allows the user to control their project using their Android smart device. Download our Android App for free below.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor – This module provides object avoidance function.
  • IR Follower – With this module, you can turn your flash light into a remote control.
  • Line Sensor – This is no typical line sensor. Most line sensors in the market has one sensor so it is sensitive to the width of the line it is trying to follow. Our sensor module has FIVE sensors so it can follow lines of different widths and with increased accuracy. Works best following black lines on white background.
  • 100% Arduino Compatible
  • Add smart sensing functions to your Mechanical Kits


Robotic Functional Kit Includes:

Motor Shield-6612 1
bluetooth Module (HC-06) 1
Ultrasonic Sensor 1
IR Light Folloing Module 1
Line Follower Module 1
Jumper Wire FF 10cm 20pc 20
Jumper Wire FF 15cm 20
standoff M3*10 10
standoff M3*30 6
Ultrasonic Screw Mounting Set 1
Screw M3 Set 1
Nut M3 Set 1
Mini USB Cable 1



TB6612 Driver Schematic
Bluetooth App (Pairs to HC-06) OSEPP zip files
Blutooth App Setup Instructions


Stock Code Product Name
MECHF-01 Robotic Functional Kit

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