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This Prototyping shield brings a small prototyping area to your Arduino for you to build your projects on. It includes two general purpose LEDs with resistors ready to use, just connect the anode pin to your Arduino. Also includes a user push-button with a pull-up resistor and brings the Arduino reset button to the shield. The Arduino headers are duplicated to solder pins on the board so you can stack with other shields without losing access to your headers. Fits a 47mm x 36.5mm mini breadboard.



  • 13×16 0.1” pitch prototyping area
  • Two LEDs with the anode pin exposed (JC2, JC3)
  • Arduino Reset button
  • A User push-button with Pull-up (JC1)
  • BlueSMiRF header



Proto Shield Schematic
Proto Shield Sample Code
Stock Code Product Name
PROTO-01 Proto Shield