Sensor Modules
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LM35 Temperature sensor uses the LM35 integrated circuit. Can be used in numerous weather detection applications for home automation / weather monitoring. Breakout board format allows for easy interfacing with Arduino.

3 Pin Outs: GRD (-) VCC (+) S-Signal Rated for Full – 55°C to + 150°C Range



  • Calibrated directly in ° Celsius (Centigrade)
  • Linear + 10 mV/°C Scale Factor
  • 0.5°C Ensure accuracy (at +25°C)
  • Suitable for remote applications
  • Low cost due to wafer-level trimming
  • Operates from 4 to 30V
  • Less than 60-




Osepp LM35 Temperature Sensor Module Schematic
Osepp LM35 Temperature Sensor Module Source Code


Stock Code Product Name
TEMP-01 Osepp LM35 Temperature Sensor Module