Sensor Modules
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The 4-digit touch sensor is the perfect bard for projects requiring numerical input. 

The MPU6050 Balancing Module is a 6-axis motion tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and a Digital Motion Processor (DMP) which allows Motion Processing and gesture recognition algorithms.

The OSEPP Accelerometer Sensor Module combined with the OSEPP Gyroscope Sensor Module can deliver a complete 6-axis sensor for full motion detection.

The OSEPP ADXL345 is a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer with 13-bit resolution measurement at up to +-16 g.

A complete color detector, including a TSC3200 RGB sensor chip and 4 white LEDs.

The OSEPP Compass Sensor Module is a 3-axis digital compass for low-field magnetic sensing.

The fan motor controller board allows speed and direction control of a low power DC motor. 100% Arduino Compatible.

Use to detect variations in light wavelength (such as fire flame detection) in the range of 760nm – 1100 nm.

The OSEPP Gyroscope Sensor Module combined with the OSEPP Accelerometer Sensor Module can deliver a complete 6-axis sensor for full motion detection.

The Moisture & Humidity breakout measures soil moisture, temperature and humidity.

Humidity and temperature sensor module that easily connects to Arduino microcontrollers. Pre calibrated at factory for precision measurements.

Obstacle avoidance module. Detects when objects are within the calibrated range.

Consists of 6 IR diodes. This IR Follower module can be used to sense infrared light as a way to guide your Arduino project.

The OSEPP IR Line Sensor Module differentiates the reflections between dark and light surfaces.

The OSEPP IR Proximity Sensor Module measures distances.

Use as infrared receiving module for your Arduino projects.

Wirelessly control your Arduino project with the IR Remote and IR Receiver Module.

The two axis joystick is equipped with independent potentiometers (one per axis) for analog reference.

The LED module allows easy plug and play configuration to your Arduino’s I/O lines. The LED can be controlled through a PWM signal or a digital high/ low output.

Photoelectric sensor used to detect ambient light. Can be used to detect light intensity in numerous home automation/industrial applications. Easily connect breakout board to Arduino.

The Line Follower Array module is perfect for robotic navigation applications. The module features five reflective optical sensors used to accurately track black surfaces from white.

LM35 Temperature sensor uses the LM35 integrated circuit.

The encoder modules are great for adding precise position sensing capabilities.

The alcohol gas sensor can detect a range of different gases such as LPG, i-butane, methane, alcohol, Hydrogen, smoke and more.

An ultrasonic transmitter and receiver sensor all in one.

The Passive Infrared sensor detects changes in motion within its environment. 100% Arduino Compatible.

The Piezo sensor acts both as an output buzzer device and an input device measuring sound pressure.

The potentiometer module is able to adjust and read variations in voltage.

The push button module allows detection in states of high or low from the onboard momentary push button.

The Reed Switch module acts as a SPST (Single Pull Single Throw) switch. The reed switch state is triggered high or low based on the proximity of a magnet.

The sound sensor is the perfect sensor to detect environmental variations in noise.

Easy breakout to connect to Arduino. Detects body capacitive touch, outputting analog voltage.

The voltage sensor can detect the supply voltage from 0.0245V to 25V.