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The SG90 Plastic Gear Servo Motor is an low cost servo in a compact package. It is commonly used in light-weight radio controlled planes, helicopters, drones and robotics.

This is the perfect servo motor to use in microcontroller mechatronic projects where limited space is available, there isn't a need for large amounts of torque and servo accuracy is required.

Features of the SG90SR 180 Micro Servo:

  • 180 degree rotation
  • It can lift up to 1.5kg of weight positioned 1cm from the center of the shaft
  • Small size
  • Every motor is inspected and the basic operation verified


Package includes:

  • 1 - SG90SR Servo motor with attached 250mm control cable
  • 3 - arms/horns for various interface applications
  • Screws for mounting arms to the servo and mounting the servo to your project


Motor Connections:

The attached cable has a 3-pin female connector that is mated with a standard 0.1″ male header.

1×3 Female Connector

  • Brown = Ground
  • Red = 5V
  • Orange = PWM Signal



Dimensions 22.9*12.2*30mm
Product Weight 9g
Output  Shaft Style /
Angle Rotation 180 degree
Voltage Range 4.8~6 Volts
No-Load Speed(6.0V) 0.1 sec/60°
No-Load Speed(4.8V) 0.12sec/60°
Stall Torque(6.0V)
Stall Torque(4.8V)
Max PWM Signal Range(Standard)  
Travel per μs(out of box) /
Max Travel(out of box) /
Pulse Amplitude 3~5V
Operating Temperature (-)10 to +50 degree C
Stall Current - (6.0V) 700mA
Idle Current - no-load(6.0V) 4mA
Direction w/Increasing PWM Signal anticlockwise
Deadband Width 5usec
Motor Type /
Potentiometer Drive /
Freeback Style /
Output  Shaft Support /
Gear Type Plastic
Gear Material Plastic
Wire Length 250mm
Wire Gauge JR


Stock Code Product Name
LS-SG90SR SG90SR Plastic Gear Servo - 180